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123 Styles

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


We were founded with the goal to give the average consumer the ability to purchase and enjoy high quality, luxurious products for affordable prices.

We accomplish this by providing links to the best, and lowest priced, designer-inspired merchandise—primarily on

Our Story

We have spent much time over the years searching the internet for the best deals on luxury products.  In our research, we explored online marketplaces based in China which allow consumers to buy products directly from manufacturers for affordable prices due to the lack of price markups of distributors and retailers. 

We explored several well-known sites, but we weren't too impressed with their selection, quality of goods, and reliability.  However, we subsequently have discovered a treasure in the somewhat lesser known

DHgate's selection and quality of goods, in addition to its reliability, stood out to us from all the other Asian marketplaces we viewed.  After gaining much experience and knowledge of the platform, we decided to create a clear and easy-to-use guide to luxury items on DHgate in order to give everyone easy access to these affordable, luxury products.

Our website gives clear instructions on how to use and provides links to their best luxury merchandise so that people shouldn't have to waste time sifting through products on the actual website.  In addition, we provide you with the best coupons that can used for all products.


Note:  We have purchased and confirmed the quality of some of our listed items, but due to the massive volume of amazing products we have been unable to do so for everything.  Yet, we assure you that we would not hesitate to purchase for ourselves anything listed on our website.


We encourage all buyers to share with us their feedback on all their purchases.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions!

Image by Wengang Zhai
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